Public Events at Inklings

Nothing gets a night out with friends off on the wrong foot like the turmoil of having to agree on something you all want to do together. Who among us can carry the impossible weight of planning a day that appeals to all of our friends? You might as well just stay home, right? Wrong! Our public events give you a place to hang out and engage with other human beings without the hassle of having to plan something. If everyone hates it, blame us. We’re strong; we can take it. So, skip the back and forth of “I dunno, what do you wanna do?” and come check out one of our events.

If you happen to be an excellent host and would like to use our facility for your own event, be sure to let us know by filling out a Rental Request. Or, if you happen to possess some mad skills, you might just want to perform at one of our events. Let us know of your hidden (or not so hidden) talents on our Performance Request

november, 2017

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Study Hours in The Common Room

We’ve all felt the uncomfortable glare of a fuming barista when we sit too long at a table. You won’t find that here. Got homework to finish up? Perfect. Crafting a killer presentation for work? Awesome. Writing the next great novel? Good (We’ll probably end up naming a room after it). When The Common Room isn’t booked for an event its open for you to come and stay as long as you’d like. When it is booked, we’ll let you know below.

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